Hydraulic Fracturing Causing 'Fraccidents' All Across United States

fraccidents map photo

all images: Earthjustice

Lots of fracking news in the past couple of days (and a cool event in New York on Monday which it'd be really good if you went to, nudge, nudge). Add this one to the pile of evidence that it's probably a good time to reassess whether fracking has enough oversight. As you can see above, Earthjustice has a cool new map detailing places where fracking hasn't gone exactly as planned. Each skull and crossbones represents a 'fraccident'--something that has resulted in "poisoned drinking water, polluted air, mysterious animal deaths, [or] industrial disasters and explosions."

As you can see at the top such fraccidents have occurred across much of the United States, but since Pennsylvania and New York have been on the front lines of this lately, here are the zoomed in sections from those places:

fraccidents map new york image

fraccidents map pennsylvania photo

h/t Climate Progress
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