Fukushima ghost town now on Google Streetview

Fukushima ghost townGoogle Streetview/Screen capture

Hello? Anyone home?

Located in Fukushima Prefecture, Namie-Machi is a small city on the East coast of Japan, sandwiched between ocean and mountains. The Japanese earthquake + tsunami + nuclear accident of 2011 forced the 21,000 people who called it home to flee, leaving behind a ghost town. This was a real town, and these are real people, but only reading about it is a bit abstract, so it's great to see that Google has driven its Street View cars through town to show the world one of the many casualties of the Fukushima disaster.

Note: It might take a bit of time for the Streetview embeds to load.

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Caption: "Many buildings, like this one in the foreground, collapsed during the earthquake, and we still have not been able to remove them. We are also unable to repair damaged buildings and shops nor prepare them for the potential impact of further aftershocks."

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Caption: "This image shows an area located one kilometer inland from the Pacific Ocean. In the distance you can see Ukedo Elementary School. Nearby Ukedo Harbor once proudly boasted 140 fishing boats and 500 buildings, but suffered some of the worst tsunami damage. After being set off-limits, we have not been able to clean up the wreckage on the side of the road, including the many fishing boats that were washed several kilometers inland. "

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Caption: "Here is one of Namie-machi’s main streets, which we often used for outdoor events like our big Ten Days of Autumn festival that saw 300 street stalls and 100,000 visitors."

The news cycle has moved on and the victims of the Tsunami of 2011 are not in the spotlight anymore, but it's still every day life for many of them.

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