Enbridge Whistleblower Sues Over Pipeline Spill Cover Up, Reaction

Another twist in the Kalamazoo tar sands pipeline spill from two years ago: The whistleblower who was fired for exposing a cover up of the extent of the spill by Enbridge, and then settled with the company, is using the proceeds from that to sue to his former employer.

On Earth has the details:

In the brief, filed today by Warnicke with the Circuit Court of Calhoun County, [John] Bolenbaugh reiterates his claim that he was directed to cover up oil by employees of O’Brien’s Response Management, an Enbridge contractor named in the suit. When Bolenbaugh refused to follow the order and reported it to an Enbridge supervisor, according to the brief, “Defendant Enbridge became furious with Plaintiff” and told Bolenbaugh’s employer that “Enbridge never wanted to see Plaintiff on the job site again.” The suit further claims that when Bolenbaugh launched a campaign to publicize Enbridge’s cover-up, that in “a concerted effort to interfere with and deter Plaintiffs truth-seeking activities, Defendant Enbridge, including through its agent Defendant DK Security, engaged in activities to harass, threaten, intimidate and defame Plaintiff.”
The suit comes just after a report on Enbridge's response to the spill from the National Transportation Safety Board characterized the company as having a "culture of deviance" and the delayed reaction to the event as being like the "keystone cops."

Enbridge Whistleblower Sues Over Pipeline Spill Cover Up, Reaction
A former Enbridge employee says he was told to cover up the extent of the Kalamazoo River tar sands pipeline spill. When he refused and tried to publicize it, Enbridge harassed, threatened and defamed him.

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