Chevron Oil Spill Off Brazil May Be 10 Times Larger Than Acknowledged

One we're watching: Reports are emerging that what was initially reported as a natural oil seep off the coast of Brazil might be coming from a Chevron appraisal well instead. Several days ago the oil slick was 56 miles long. According to satellite imagery the spill the oil slick now extends over 918 square miles, Business Insider reports.

Reportedly 18 vessels are now on scene, with Chevron trying to kill the well. Chevron says the estimated rate of flow is 400-655 barrels per day, but Business Insider estimates from the extent of the slick that a flow rate of 3,738 barrels per day is more likely.

Amazingly, though this hasn't been confirmed, further Business Insider analysis points to TransOcean (of Gulf Oil Spill fame, remember) operating the drilling vessel at the appraisal well.

UPDATE: Though it looked for a while like this one could've gotten much worse at the time of the original post, it appears that the leak has been stopped and Brazilian police are investigating the situation for possible criminal liability on the part of Chevron.

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