Brazil Police On Chevron's Case After Latest Oil Spill

An update on the Chevron oil spill off the coast of Brazil: Reuters reports that the Brazilian police are investigating the incident. Police saying that their observations show Chevron drilled 500 meters beyond what they were permitted to do.

Brazil's energy minister has said that though the leak "is not good" it is not "as grave as is being said." Though, "If Chevron is not doing its part, it will be severely punished."

Chevron says the 300 meter-long crack in the seabed has released 650 barrels of oil, causing an oil sheen on the surface spreading over 63 square miles.

Independent analysis by Skytruth, based on satellite observation, has a much higher estimate: 3,738 barrels per day, with the oil slick spread over 918 square miles.

Skytruth also notes that the well has now been plugged with cement and that leakage from the seabed nearby is slowing.

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