Anyone thirsty for some "Fukushima Water"?

Fukushima Water drink promo
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The most popular new energy drink in Japan?!

It's already been almost 4 years since the nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan, suffered a series of explosions after a tsunami damaged important infrastructure at the facility. All this time later, and cleanup and containment is still ongoing. But some people are apparently turning the disaster into a profitable business. See for yourself:

As you have probably guessed at some point, or saw at the very end of the video, the drink is made up. It was invented by a group of German artists to raise awareness about the ongoing water contamination problem around Fukushima, in Japan. Clever way to attract attention to the issue.

Fukushima WaterYoutube/Screen capture

“We were blown away by how weird it was that contaminated water is still being poured into the Pacific Ocean and that people have no idea,” Kenzi Benabdallah, one of the trio of friends behind the campaign, told the Guardian. “The water needs to be stored because it’s highly contaminated,” says fellow collaborator Stefan Wittemann, “but [the tanks used to store the water] are leaking and water is running into the ocean. The exact numbers are very hard to get because the Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) will not tell you anything and Greenpeace will tell you a super-high number."

Fukushima WaterYoutube/Screen capture

Via Fukushima Water, The Guardian

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