87% of Americans Want BP's Fines Paid to Gulf States Not US Treasury As Planned

gulf oil spill cleanup photo

photo: Deepwater Horizon Response/Creative Commons

With the anniversary of the Gulf oil spill tomorrow, there's no shortage of commentary and analysis going on. On the funding restoration front: The Nature Conservancy is touting an unfortunate discrepancy between US government action and what the people would like done.

According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive 87% of Americans think fines from BP should go directly into funding restoration of lands damaged in the spill, rather than into the US Treasury generally as is planned. Furthermore, 79% of people didn't know that was the plan. To counter this and ensure that BP's fines actually get into the Gulf, Louisiana senators Mary Landrieu (D) and David Vitter (R) have introduced a bill to rectify the situation.

The proposed RESTORE the Gulf Coast Act would establish a trust fund to manage restoration funding, with 35% of funds going in equal proportion to the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico, 60% to the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council, and 5% to a Gulf Coast research, science and technology program.

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