11 Energetic Dogs for Active People

Dog follow a person on a jog through a meadow
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If you're constantly hiking, running or exploring, you want a dog who will join you on all your adventures. Sure, most dogs are happy to be by your side no matter what you do, but not all of them have the stamina to spend the day on the trail or really have their heart set on playing Frisbee or catch with you. They'd rather curl up on the couch for a good snooze.

Of course, we always believe that rescue dogs are the best dogs, and you'll likely find one that will love being outdoorsy with you. Every dog is different, but here are some dogs that have activity and adventure in their genes.

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Border collie

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The border collie is a "remarkably bright workaholic," according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), and giving him a job to do is the best way to keep your dog happy and you busy. That doesn't mean you need to find a flock of sheep for your pup to herd. Border collies just like being active. They can make great running partners, often excel at nabbing Frisbees and catching balls and are incredibly bright so they are top of their class in obedience.

Because the border collie has such great energy and wants to be with his person, he makes a "faithful and sure-footed running mate," says Outside.

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Originating in Hungary as a working and hunting dog, the vizsla was bred to perform in field, forest and water, according to the AKC. The lean and muscular athlete has incredible energy, making the vizsla a great choice for a running companion.

"I'd say pound for pound the best running dogs for any type of running," Bryan Barrera, founder of D.C. Dog Runner, tells Runner's World about the breed. "They are so versatile; they can cover a ton of ground because of their long gait and can cruise on autopilot as long as you want."

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Australian shepherd

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Like the border collie, this herding breed also likes to stay busy and excels in agility, obedience and active sports like Frisbee and anything that involves a ball. The Aussie generally makes a good running companion because it takes direction well. It is also typically a good trail runner because it's so sure-footed.

"The Australian Shepherd is especially adept at traversing tough terrain with steep inclines and jutting rock formations," says PetMD.

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The greyhound obviously has a reputation for speed and is the fastest dog in the world at an impressive 45 miles per hour. Although sprinting is his forte, this lanky pup can go the distance too. If he's feeling motivated, a greyhound can settle into a speed as fast as 35 mph and sometimes go as far as seven miles. That makes for a pretty amazing running partner.

But the good news is that unlike some of the other dogs on this list, the greyhound definitely knows how to chill. Often nicknamed the "45-mph couch potato," this pup doesn't have to spend all his time being busy. So after that run, you and your four-legged buddy can hang out on the sofa and watch TV.

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Labrador retriever

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The most popular dog breed in the U.S. for more than two dozen years, the Labrador retriever is playful and loves to be around the whole family. Most Labs can't get enough of chasing tennis balls and are always up for a good swim. They're typically very good-natured and will join you for a walk, hike or other outdoor exploration.

Labs are incredibly friendly and social, so you usually can take them anywhere knowing they will make friends. They are also curious, always ready for an interesting adventure.

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Siberian husky

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If you live somewhere it's often cold, the Siberian husky is your perfect pet. Bred to pull sleds over miles of snow, these dense-coated, active dogs have incredible stamina. They don't love hot weather, however, because of all that fur. The husky is very friendly and athletic. He moves effortlessly through snow and trails.

"You want these guys on ultra long hikes, trail runs, multi-day treks and cold-weather camping trips," according to Active.com. "They're smart as heck and can fend for themselves in the wild."

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Bernese mountain dog

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Originally used for drafting and to drive cattle in the cold Swiss Alps, according to the AKC, the Bernese mountain dog makes light of strenuous activity. The hardy, large tri-colored dog enjoys cold weather and makes an excellent hiking companion, especially when temperatures are cooler.

The Bernese has a gentle, friendly disposition and loves to be with his family. These dogs don't have a ton of endurance, so short hikes are their specialty. Because of their size and strength, they may even be able to carry a light pack for you.

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German shorthaired pointer

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Developed as a hunting dog, the German shorthaired pointer was built to withstand long days in the field on at the lake. These dogs are known for power, speed, agility and endurance, says the AKC.

Because of their work ethic and stamina, German shorthaired pointers make great partners for long hikes and pretty much any adventure. Says the AKC: "GSPs make happy, trainable pets who bond firmly to their family. They are always up for physical activities like running, swimming, organized dog sports — in fact, anything that will burn some of their boundless energy while spending outdoors time with a human buddy."

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Dalmatians were originally used as "coach dogs," where they ran alongside horse-drawn carriages for many miles. Their job was to protect the carriage riders from any threats along the way, including highwaymen. Eventually, Dalmatians became indispensable for horse-drawn fire engines, reports the AKC. They ran ahead, clearing the streets and protecting the wagon from pedestrians and stray dogs.

Because of its endurance, this high-energy breed is the perfect running and hiking companion. Although they can be aloof with strangers, these eye-catching dogs are quite loving and loyal with their people.

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Jack Russell terrier

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Also known as the Parson Russell terrier, this small but mighty pup is the perfect match when you need a smaller-scale partner for your adventures. The Jack Russell is crazy cute, but don't let that face fool you. This little terrier is clever and feisty. They were bred to flush a fox from its den and they're fast enough to keep up with the horses and hounds while hunting.

These dogs are smart and trainable but they are "independent thinkers," says the AKC. They get bored easily, so make sure you mix up your routine and always keep a sense of humor and fun.

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Rhodesian ridgeback

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Originally bred in Africa to track lions over long distances, the Rhodesian ridgeback is a fast and powerful athlete. The dog loves to run and has a strong prey dog, so he's always up for a good chase.

Rhodesian ridgebacks are very loving, loyal and protective of their family members. The breed's low-maintenance coat — with the hallmark ridge down the back — makes the ridgeback very tolerant of hot climates.