Zoo Welcomes Newborn Endangered Grevy's Zebra (Video)

The Grevy's Zebra once roamed the plains in Africa, with numbers as high as 15,000 in 1970. Now, due to habitat loss and other threats, there are only around 2,500 individuals of this endangered species remaining in Kenya and less than 150 individuals in southern Ethiopia. So when a foal is born, it's a big deal! The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden has just welcomed a foal, born on May 23rd, joining the population of 167 Grevy's zebras in zoos across North America.

Huffington Post writes, "The animal was named Savanna after people were invited to vote via Facebook on four possible names nominated by zookeepers."

The Grevy's Zebra Trust, which works to protect the species, states, "This significant decrease in individuals is equal to an 80% decline in population numbers over just three decades. The Grevy's is at home in the arid and semi-aird habitat in which it lives and can go without water for up to five days, unless it is a lactating female. These females must drink at least every other day to keep up milk production. With land degradation on the rise and drought always just a whisper away the female Grevy's may have to leave her foal behind when searching for water. This increased search for water has amplified foal mortality rates, in turn leading to a dwindling population size."

Luckily, this female will get all the water she needs to keep her foal fed. More photos of the baby zebra can be found here.

Zoo Welcomes Newborn Endangered Grevy's Zebra (Video)
A baby zebra was born at the Cincinnati Zoo and just made its debut. Check out a video of this adorable foal.

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