Today is World Orangutan Day!

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According to the IUCN Red List, the two main subspecies of orangutans are in big trouble: the Sumatran orangutan is critically endangered and the Bornean orangutan is endangered. Victims of the palm oil industry, among other threats, these great apes need all the help they can get. The official World Orangutan Day website writes:

From 1992-2000, the population of the Sumatran orangutan declined by more than 50% and only an estimated 7,000 animals are left in the wild. Its relative, the Bornean orangutan population fell nearly 43 % in the past decade and estimates place their population at about 45,000 animals. Since the last population estimates were done, deforestation rates have continued to climb which means the actual populations could be well below these.

If you want to help, here are the way to take action.


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