Tigers Double in Nepal National Park - But There Are Still Only 37 of the Big Cats

WWF reports some encouraging news for tigers in Nepal: In Bardiya National Park the tiger population has slightly more than doubled in the past three years.

In 2009 there were just 18 tigers over the 400 square miles of the national park and the Khata wildlife corridor, whereas the latest survey, conducted over a three month period, has found 37 individual tigers.

WWF says the increase in population, "Is a result of the government's commitment to doubling Nepal's tiger numbers and is proof positive that this goal is achievable if grassroots efforts by local communities and rangers on the front lines of tiger conservation are complemented by high-level political support."

In a recent survey by WWF of efforts to combat illegal wildlife trafficking, Nepal was one of just two nations to achieve tops marks for preventing trade in tigers, elephants, and rhinos. Though not eliminated, the nation has made commendable progress in preventing poaching, the report noted.

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