Shark Fin Suppliers Sue California Over Fin Ban

California's ban of the sale and trade of shark fins was not without controversy. And now, it is not without protest. Earlier this month, a San-Francisco-based association of shark fin suppliers decided they weren't going to accept the ban without a fight. Representing nearly 100% of suppliers for the state, they have sued the state over the ban.

The SF Gate reports, "The Asian American Rights Committee of California filed the lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court...arguing the new law violates Congress' authority to regulate interstate commerce."

The group states that the ban eliminates interstate trade, and affects the "ceremonial centerpiece of traditional Cinese banquets". However, the ban serves to protect sharks that are rapidly disappearing from our oceans thanks to this dish, in which the fins provide zero nutritional or taste benefit but do add a hefty dose of mercury.

The ban goes into effect on July 1, 2013 -- that is, if the decision to give sharks priority over a menu item stays in place.

Shark Fin Suppliers Sue California Over Fin Ban
A group of suppliers is suing the state over the recent ban on the trade or sale of shark fins.

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