Proboscis Monkeys Threatened By Ecologically Insensitive Malaysian Palm Oil Plantations

Another species threatened by rampant palm oil production, done in ecologically insensitive ways: Mongabay reports that the director of the Sabah (Malaysia) Wildlife Department says that the way in which palm oil plantations are being extended all the way down to riverbanks in parts of Borneo are threatening the proboscis monkey.

Laurentius Ambu says:

The oil palm industry does not have to plant all the way down to the river edge; they should leave the riparian forest with a buffer of preferably one kilometer for wildlife and also as a measure to protect our the water is also ultimately used for human consumption.

The State Government is committed to reforestation and we are working closely with community groups, NGOs and even private companies but the oil palm industry on the whole has been very slow to replant riparian areas, although the talk a lot on it.

The comments come as a recent study shows that proboscis monkey populations along the Kinabatangan River have declined 10% annually due to expansion of palm oil plantations.

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