Monarch movie: the beauty of a vulnerable butterfly

Monarch butterfly santuary in Montery California
Screen capture The Seventh Movement

Monarch butterflies have one of the most evolved insect migration patterns in nature, covering distances of 1,200 to 2,800 miles. Although not yet an endangered species, their population has been declining.

This video from The Seventh Movement provides a special glimpse into the Monarch Sanctuary in Monterey, Calif. The filmmakers were given access to a part of the sanctuary not open to the public.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, Monarchs are a "near threatened" species. The filmmakers explain how loss of habitat is a major problem:

"Unfortunately the phenomenon of the annual Monarch migration is endangered. The eastern population is being severely impacted by deforestation in its Mexican overwintering grounds and the western Monarchs are being squeezed by the constant pressures of coastal development and dwindling space."

Monarch movie: the beauty of a vulnerable butterfly
Rare footage of butterfly sanctuary captures a step of the Monarch migration.