After mistreatment by German circus, 2 tigers sentenced to death in Belgium get asylum in UK

2 Tigers playing
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Seeking asylum in a foreign country to avoid the death penalty isn't just for humans anymore. Case in point is this story about 2 poor tigers who were badly treated by a German circus that was roaming across Europe: An 18-year-old male called Tango, the star of a ‘tiger in your tank’ TV ad campaign, and an 8-year-old female called Julia. While in Belgium, authorities seized the tigers from the German circus - apparently to protect them - but they then sentenced them to an early death. Thanks for nothing guys...

After a rather expensive campaign, the Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park in Lincolnshire, UK, was able to convince the Belgian authorities to give them custody of the tigers so they avoid the death penalty, which is probably the closest thing to political asylum that a tiger can expect to get.

For the last 6 months, the wildlife park has prepared for the arrival of the tigers. This means training the staff and building a home for the tigers.

You can see photos of the rescued tigers here. The Woodside Park is asking for donations, and according to their breakdown of costs, it seems like it cost them about a quarter million pounds to rescue the tigers:

£10 - to feed the tigers for just one day
£50 - to feed the tigers for five days
£100 - to pay the cost of a single Veterinary visit
£25,000 - for the annual upkeep of the tigers new home
£250,000 - to recoup the initial rescue costs, so we can save even more animals in future

Via Woodside Park, Wildlife News

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