Japanese company stops selling dog food made from endangered whales

Fin whale in Iceland
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This is a follow up to this article. It's rare to be able to report success, if only partial, this quickly, but Michinoku Farm, the Japanese company that sold dog treats made from endangered North Atlantic fin whales caught by Icelandic whalers (pictured above) has decided to stop selling that product because of pressure from environmental groups.

Michinoku's president, Takuma Konno, said he had decided to pull the product even though its sale is legal in Japan.

"Dogs are like family members for many people in Japan. We just wanted to sell a wide variety of food for dogs," he told the AFP news agency. "Campaigners look at whales as important animals, but we consider dogs to be just as important.

"Maybe I was ignorant of the debate over whaling, but it's not worth selling the product if it risks angering some people." (source)

Not exactly the reasoning that I'd like to see, but at least they won't sell it anymore.

Fin whaleNOAA/Public Domain

Let's not rejoice too quickly, though. It's not like Michinoku is the only company selling whale products. We still need an international whaling ban that gets enforced.

Via Guardian

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