iPhone Game Tests Your Endangered Animal Knowledge and Your Speed

Survival by ARKive is a fun game for smart phones that tests your knowledge of animals and endangered species. Your goal is to race against the clock to get as many answers right as you can. Meanwhile, you're learning more about really cool animals.

Available for both iPhones and Android-powered phones, I downloaded the free game this morning and tried it out. You definitely have to think fast because you don't get much time to answer. That's also a bit of a bummer because the photos are beautiful and it's so tempting to want to sit and stare for a second.

Luckily there is a section where you can hit a survival time goal and unlock photos so you can sit and stare, but it would be great if there were more than a handful.

The game is fun, and you might be surprised to learn some of the iconic animals that are indeed endangered. It's great for kids and adults (sure you might know most the answers pretty easily, but can you move fast enough??) and you can play as an individual or as a team. Here's a preview video.

The company behind this game, ARKive is pretty amazing too. Their mission is: "Promoting the Conservation of the World's Threatened Species, Through the Power of Wildlife Imagery."

Conservation photography is a big part of promoting awareness of and appreciation for animals. The photos in the game are a sampling of what the company provides, and they're outstanding.

ARKive writes, "With species extinction now occurring at a faster rate than at any time in Earth's history, effective awareness raising and education programmes are ever more vital. Powerful wildlife imagery is an emotive and effective means of building environmental awareness and engagement, and quick and easy access to this imagery is essential in the digital mass communications society we live in today."

iPhone Game Tests Your Endangered Animal Knowledge and Your Speed
Keeping up with the clock is as much fun as learning about animal species in this iPhone game called Survival.

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