Watch: From the filmmakers of “The Cove,” a short about saving species

saving species
Video screen capture Saving Species: The Grasshopper Sparrow

A new documentary from director Louie Psihoyos and the Oceanic Preservation Society is slated for a wide release later this year. The film is called “Racing Extinction,” and has big ambitions for preventing mass species loss.

New Yorkers got a sneak peak of the film during Climate Week last month, when the filmmakers projected video clips onto the buildings of the United Nations headquarters. The project aims to spread awareness about the dangers of a mass extinction and to spur viewers into action.

We can get a little taste of the project from this lovely little clip about the work of Joel Sartore, a photographer who has been working to document species that are on the brink of extinction.

“I’ve seen the power of media to affect social change,” Louie Psihoyos said in a director’s statement. “I don’t see this as an opportunity to despair, I think it’s an opportunity to actually feel that we are the only generation left in the history of the planet that can solve this.”

To learn more about the film, check out the Racing Extinction website.

Watch: From the filmmakers of “The Cove,” a short about saving species
This short film gives us a glimpse into “Racing Extinction,” a new documentary by the Oceanic Preservation Society.

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