Endangered whales are turned into... luxury Japanese dog food?!

Dog food
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Whalers from Iceland (ships pictured below) are killing endangered fin whales and shipping the meat to Japan so that it can be made into luxury dog food. How crazy is that?

Michinoku Farm, a Tokyo-based company, is offering chews made from North Atlantic fin whales on its company website, with the meat described as a "low calorie, low fat, high protein" snack. [...]

Michinoku's website, which also sells pet goodies it says are made from Mongolian horses and kangaroos, has three different sized packets of whale chews, with a 60 gram (2 oz) bag selling for Y609 yen ($A6.28) and a 500 gram bag for 3,780 yen. (source)

The whole point is for rich folks to show off their wealth with "something different" for their pets. Ugh. What next? Poodles chewing on tiger bones? Water bowls for cats made out of elephant ivory tusks?

Fin whaleNOAA/Public Domain

Above is a fin whale seen from the air.

Update: Japanese company stops selling dog food made from endangered whales

Via The Age

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