Endangered Species Act: 93% Success Rate In Northeast


Some good news: The US Endangered Species Act seems to be working well. A report recently released by the Center for Biological Diversity says that no endangered species have become extinct in the Northeast of the US and that 93% of them have seen their population increase or become stable since they became protected under the federal Endangered Species Act. "Humpback and blue whales, bald eagles, green and Kemp's ridley sea turtles, piping plovers, roseate terns, red-bellied turtles, and dwarf cinquefoils are just a few of the species that are recovering quite nicely," said Kieran Suckling, policy director for the Center and author of the report. "There is considerable rhetoric surrounding the Endangered Species Act," said Suckling, "but very few efforts to gather and scientifically study real data. The data are now in and it's clear that the Endangered Species Act is effective." Yay! ::E-Wire, ::Center for Biological Diversity, ::US Endangered Species Program

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