Billionaire Warren Buffett's son to fund anti-poaching efforts in Tanzania

Tanzania elephants
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Howard G. Buffett, son of the famous american investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett (he's donating all his money to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), obviously cares a lot about wildlife and conservation. He has written 8 books on the topic, and has now decided to direct funds from his foundation to support anti-poaching efforts in the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Howard G. BuffettUSDS/Public Domain

The Howard G. Buffett Foundation has pledged to provide a helicopter for surveillance of poachers as well as the purchase of vehicles, GPS equipment and the training of helicopter pilots and game rangers.

The helicopter will arrive in Tanzania in about 6 months, but in the meantime, Buffett will lease a helicopter to begin patrols in next month.

This is just one of many wildlife conservation initiatives from Howard G. Buffett.

In South Africa in March, through the foundation and the Nature Conservation Trust, a nonprofit South African trust fully funded by the foundation, Buffett launched a three-year initiative to combat rhino poaching in Kruger National Park in cooperation with South African National Parks.

The unprecedented US$23.7 million (RAND 255 million), three-year initiative will combat rhino poaching in Kruger National Park and test anti-poaching tactics that can be applied in other regions of Africa, where poaching can be a source of funding for armed groups. (source)

Kudos Mr. Buffett!


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