End O' the Week Links: Energy 3/13/2009

Wind power just keeps things spinning. (Photo: Martin Pettitt [CC by 2.0]/Flickr)

• Catch a copy of Ashley Judd's live chat about mountaintop removal mining over at DailyKos. It ran for over an hour and 90,000 people watched, making it one of the most popular livechats in the history of DailyKos.

• Backers of a 140 turbine wind farm off the shore of Cape Cod jumped a major hurdle in their bid to build the 170 megawatt (about 170,000 homes) development when Massachusetts approved a certificate that combines state and local permits. Rich folks living on the shore aren't happy, despite the fact that the farms would be about the height of a quarter held out at arms length. I feel bad for the rich folk, they're always getting beat up by us mean renewable energy advocates.

• Wind is growing like crazy. The Global Wind Energy Council is projecting that worldwide wind power will grow at an annual rate of 20% for the next five years. China is embracing wind in a big way (do they do anything any other way?) and has doubled their capacity EVERY YEAR for the past four years and hope to do it for a fifth this year.

• MIT found out that sulfuryl fluoride, used as an industrial fumigant (bug killer), is 4,800 times as potent of a greenhouse gas as CO2. Sulfuryl fluorides is used by some strawberry farmers, who use it to kill everything (weeds, bugs, bacteria, all microbes) in their soil at the start of every growing season.

• Things seem to be tracking the worst case IPCC Climate Change Trajectories pretty well. That is not good news.