Two-Part Tiny House Comes With Its Own Mobile Porch & Greenhouse (Video)

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Video screen capture. Olive Nest Tiny Homes/Living Design For A Tiny House via YouTube

Olive Nest Tiny Homes, nicknamed The Elsa.

There have been a number of recent examples of tiny home builders thinking a bit more out of the tiny box: such as connecting two tiny houses together with a sun room and deck, using advanced framing and digital fabrication techniques, or developing dedicated tiny house communities. We are far beyond those early cutesy tiny house days; these small living spaces are getting smarter and more refined by the day.

Adding a mobile tiny greenhouse and porch to the package is possible too, as seen in this attractive modern home built by

How the House Fits Together

The home's interior measures 323 square feet, and includes a full-sized seating area, kitchen, dining counter, bathroom and sleeping loft. It features a mini-split unit for heating and air conditioning.

The kitchen has a full-sized gas range and oven, as well as a large stainless steel sink and quartz countertops. The dining countertop is moveable, meaning it can be shifted out to seat more people when there are guests.

To go upstairs, one ascends the stairs (rather than using a more perilous ladder) -- these are stairs that have handy storage cabinets hidden in them, as well as raw edges on the cherry wood treads.

The outdoor spaces that come with the home are the main draw: there's a porch swing, a deck and a mini-greenhouse on their own trailer. The greenhouse made of glass that makes it easier to grow ornamental or edible plants.

Design Recognition

The Elsa was featured on a television episode of Tiny House Big Living, and is priced for sale on Zillow at USD $81,000. The home is currently located on a lot that's part of the Lakewalk Tiny Home Community in South Carolina (more info on that here), but can be moved anywhere once purchased.

The idea of building up a small home using a modular approach such as this -- each piece on its own trailer -- is an interesting one. It's been said that perhaps the future of greener housing might be found in small, rather than ultra-tiny homes, and this approach shows one way to go a bit beyond the tiny envelope to create spaces that are still small but live a bit larger. More over at Olive Nest Tiny Homes.