Elizabeth Waddington

Writer, Permaculture Designer, Sustainability Consultant

Elizabeth Waddington
 Elizabeth Waddington


Gardening, Permaculture, Sustainable Living


University of St Andrews (MA)

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Elizabeth's work appears on a number of websites including Rural Sprout, Natural Living, First Tunnels, and Ethical.net. She has also written a number of books and e-books on gardens and gardening. After obtaining an MA in English and Philosophy from the University of St Andrews, she has worked as a permaculture designer, green living consultant, and freelance writer. She started writing for Treehugger in 2020.


Elizabeth has worked as a freelance writer since 2010. She has written extensively on topics related to gardening, permaculture, sustainability, and green living. Since 2016, she has also worked as a garden designer and advised individuals, organizations, and businesses around the world on organic gardening, agroforestry, forest gardens, sustainability, and other green issues. She spoke at the Scottish Permaculture Gathering in 2018 on the topic of reducing plastic use.

Elizabeth's design consulting work has traveled as far as the Maldives, where she helped (remotely) to create 100 community gardens, alongside the Humanus Group, as well as in the Dominican Republic, where she designed and continues to provide support to a community garden. She has consulted on various gardening projects in temperate climates, and advised on seed selections for food-growing kits created and distributed by the Humanus Group. She is currently advising Dryland Solutions on how to restore damaged ecosystems in Somalia, working remotely with collaborators on the ground.

Living on a homestead in rural Scotland, Elizabeth spends time tending her own organic garden. She grows fruits and vegetables in a forest garden, polyculture beds, and a polytunnel, and keeps rescue chickens. She and her husband are also working on the eco-renovation of an old stone barn. She is passionate about getting others growing and working as a facilitator of positive change.

Elizabeth has written the following short books and e-books for various events, courses, and private businesses, though these are not publicly available for purchase. E-books will be coming to her website soon.

  • "Useful & Beautiful: Design for a Permaculture Home"
  • "A Polytunnel & Year-Round Growing Guide"
  • "Vegan Meal Plan"
  • "Permaculture Projects for Kids"
  • "A Practical Guide For Green Living"
  • "My Permaculture Farm" (collaboration)
  • "How to Increase Yield (Without Getting a Bigger Polytunnel)"
  • "Water Saving Solutions for Dry Climate Gardens"
  • "Taking Care of the Soil in an Organic Garden"
  • "Companion Planting"


​After obtaining a master's degree in joint honors in English and Philosophy from the University of St Andrews, Elizabeth went into publishing for a time, but soon realized that she wanted to take her own path and contribute to solving the problems we face on this planet. So she set up her freelance business and has continued her education in the field.

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