Elemental Herbs Makes Pure Skincare Products That Really Work

All Good products and plastic free packaging sitting on rocks.

Courtesy of All Good

These products, from sunscreens to lip balms to lotions, are non-toxic, organic, healing, and deeply satisfying to use.

Elemental Herbs is a skincare company from Morro Bay, California, that takes its commitment to the planet very seriously. It all started as a small-scale project when founder and massage therapist Caroline Duell created her own healing balm by infusing five medicinal herbs in olive oil and beeswax. The result was All Good Goop, a wonderfully satisfying healing balm that works on anything from rough gardening hands to diaper rash.

Following the Goop’s success, Duell expanded Elemental Herbs to include a wide range of all-natural, non-toxic products that includes sunscreen, lotions, lip balms (plain and tinted), coconut oil blends, and a hand sanitizer that is “so natural you can use it as a breath freshener.” (You certainly can’t say that about Microban!)

Ingredients are certified organic whenever possible, sourced locally and sustainably, and guaranteed to be of the highest quality. The company supports non-invasive “wildland farming” methods to protect wildlife, conserve water, and maintain healthy soil.

“There is nothing more important than taking care of the habitat of these plants that, in turn, take care of us. We take the utmost care to harness the medicinal qualities of those plants,” says Caroline Duell in a short video about the company’s business model.

Elemental Herbs prides itself on being a triple bottom line business, gauging success by environmental, social, and economic vitality. It does not test on animals, does not support GMOs, is a certified B corporation, and a member of 1% for the Planet and Green America, a sustainable business network.

All Good products lined up on a wood shelf.

Courtesy of All Good

Best of all, the products themselves are fabulous. I’ve used many of them over the past year. The sunscreens did a fabulous job of protecting my pasty-white redheaded children while traveling in Brazil this past winter. I’ve got my female relatives hooked on the tinted lip balms, which soothe and beautify at the same time. I love the wonderfully scented lemongrass body lotion after getting out of the shower and have also been impressed by the effectiveness of All Good Goop on dry, cracked, even irritated skin.

The Goop and coconut oils come in glass containers with metal screw tops, which is great; however, I was disappointed that the sunscreens, lotions, and lip balms all come in plastic, albeit recycled. Hopefully glass and paper will eventually replace those other non-biodegradable containers.

Elemental Herbs has an online store that’s worth checking out if you’re looking for truly green, non-toxic skincare products.