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Zelectric Motors is the best overall conversion company

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The idea of driving an electric vehicle may be tempting, but many of the newest EVs come with a hefty price tag. Luckily, conversion companies can retrofit gas-powered cars so they run on electricity. Many of the best EV conversion companies can even update classic cars, boats, and other vehicles. This means you can keep your current ride—but ditch the nasty emissions.

If you’re considering converting your car to an electric vehicle, it’s important to choose the right techs for the job. We reviewed the best EV conversion companies based on cost and service options to help you find the right fit.

Best Overall: Zelectric Motors

Zelectric Motors

Zelectric Motors

Why We Chose It: As our best overall EV conversion company, Zelectric Motors offers high-quality, totally custom retrofits of vintage Volkswagens and Porsches.


  • - Conversions maintain the original design and are 100% reversible 
  • - Offers a basic electric conversion as well as optional add-ons
  • - Can also locate available vehicles that are ready for conversion


  • - Only converts air-cooled vintage Volkswagen models and early Porsches
  • - More expensive than other conversion companies

Based in San Diego, Zelectric Motors is an EV conversion company that specializes solely in air-cooled vintage Volkswagens and Porsche models 356, 911, 912, and 914. While many electric conversions are limited to the installation of a motor and battery system, Zelectric retrofits include modifications and upgrades to the entire vehicle. That said, Zelectric’s techs won’t change the design and all conversions are totally reversible.  

Prices vary based on the vehicle and optional add-ons but expect to pay at least roughly $68,000 for Zelectric to retrofit your Karmann Ghia, about $74,000 to convert a Volkswagen Microbus, and around $88,000 to electrify a 911/912 Porsche.

All conversions include disc front brakes, a rebuilt transmission, drive-by-wire throttle, and a digital dash fuel gauge, among other features. Optional add-ons include, but are not limited to, Bluetooth, heated seats, power steering and windows, adjustable suspension, and a Tesla charge port.

Best for Plug-In Hybrid Conversions: Green Motors Inc.

Green Motors Inc.

Green Motors Inc.

Why We Chose It: If you want to convert your hybrid vehicle into a plug-in hybrid, Green Motors Inc. stands out because of its range of services and custom approach to car and bike conversions.


  • - Makes it easy to convert a Prius into a plug-in hybrid
  • - Offers refurbished vehicles and complete custom projects
  • - Sells conversion parts for DIY enthusiasts and other hybrid conversion professionals


  • - Website is outdated and does not provide much information

Green Motors Inc. is an EV conversion company that specializes in converting hybrid vehicles into plug-in hybrids. In addition to its hybrid services, the company performs full-electric conversions and electric bicycle and bike conversions. Green Motors’ converted hybrids have a range of more than 100 miles, and top speeds can reach 75 miles per hour. And, while the company doesn’t provide custom price estimates online, you can contact them via phone or email to get a quote that’s tailored to your vehicle and needs. 

Hybrid plug-in customers can choose from a basic converter-based system or premium contactor-type system, with base prices ranging from about $2,995 to $13,595. Green Motors Inc. also provides electric car sales and service, electric vehicle educational materials, and electric conversion parts. There aren’t many reviews available online, but customers report being satisfied with Green Motors Inc.’s conversion services.

Best for Classic Cars: Green Shed Conversions

Green Shed Conversions

Green Shed Conversions

Why We Chose It: Not all conversion companies can retrofit classic cars, but Green Shed Conversions makes it easy to convert your classic or memory car into a gasoline-free vehicle.


  • - Offers full, partial, and assisted conversions, plus DIY options
  • - Conversions start at about $18,000
  • - Also sells EV parts, including used equipment


  • - Charges roughly a 3.5% fee on credit card transactions
  • - Website is somewhat outdated

Based in Florida, Green Shed Conversions specializes in converting classic cars to run on electricity. And, while many conversion companies restrict their work to limited makes and models, Green Shed Conversions can reportedly handle everything from antique Oldsmobiles to sports cars. Customers can also choose from golf cart upgrades, conversion, and repair, as well as lawnmower conversions and battery management services. 

Small conversions start around $18,000, with more complex conversions costing roughly $30,000 or more. That said, the price to convert varies based on how long the conversion takes and the cost and availability of parts and batteries. Like many other providers on our list, there aren’t many reviews available online. However, the company has five-star reviews across a number of platforms.

Best Conversion Kits: EV West

EV West

EV West

Why We Chose It: We chose EV West because it provides drivers the equipment and learning tools they need to retrofit their cars without a mechanic.


  • - Pricing for kits is transparent
  • - Customers can take advantage of online resources
  • - Online reviews are extremely positive


  • - Kits are limited to certain vehicle models

For those who want to convert a vehicle themselves, EV West provides customers a range of conversion kits for popular makes and models that are best suited to electric conversion. Each kit costs between roughly $7,598 and about $17,762, and customers can choose from everything from a Karmann Ghia or Volkswagen Beetle to a Porsche 356 Speedster. Each kit comes with an AC motor, programmable controller and mount, high voltage charger, DC/DC converter, and other equipment needed for conversion (minus the battery system).

EV West also provides customers helpful resources, including a library of components, schematics for EV builds, and technical videos on the company’s YouTube channel. Online reviews are plentiful and overwhelmingly positive. Happy customers report that the company’s employees are extremely helpful, professional, and knowledgeable.

Best DIY Resources: EV4U Custom Conversions

EV4U Custom Conversions

EV4U Custom Conversions

Why We Chose It: EV4U Custom Conversions makes DIY projects easier by offering top-of-the-line workshops, videos, and other tools that can teach you how to convert a car yourself.


  • - Teaches students everything they need to know to convert their own vehicle
  • - DIY cost estimator makes it easier to anticipate the cost of conversion
  • - Also offers comprehensive conversion and consulting services


  • - The website is somewhat difficult to navigate

Beyond kits, there are a number of EV conversion companies that offer resources for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. EV4U Custom Conversions is an electric vehicle conversion company that offers in-person and online workshops in addition to its comprehensive retrofitting services. Drivers can also take advantage of the company’s YouTube videos and DIY cost estimator, which is easy to download and edit in Excel. 

The online workshop includes more than 25 hours of video instruction for about $997; students have one year from the date of purchase to complete the workshop. The in-person workshop is typically three days long and features both classroom instruction and hands-on shop experience. Both workshop formats cover everything from how to choose a donor vehicle to where to buy components and how to put it all together.

Final Verdict

If you’re considering an electric vehicle but don’t like the selection or are discouraged by the price tag, an EV conversion company may be the answer. In addition to offering full-service conversions, many companies offer kits and DIY resources so you can retrofit your vehicle on your own. Some companies will even help you locate a donor car if your current vehicle can’t be easily converted. 

Zelectric Motors tops our list as the best EV conversion company because of its dedication to providing top-of-the-line conversions of some of the most popular donor cars. Not only does Zelectric address the power, braking, and transmission of each car, but its techs also provide a vehicle-wide overhaul that ensures a comfortable and smooth ride. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are EV Conversion Companies?

EV conversion companies—or electric vehicle conversion companies—retrofit internal combustion engine vehicles so they can run on electricity instead of gasoline. Many companies specialize in vehicles that are best suited to conversion, like Porsches and Volkswagens, but some offer conversion services for classic cars, boats, bicycles, lawnmowers, and other equipment. Likewise, some companies offer custom, done-for-you conversions while others sell parts, kits, and workshops so you can complete the project yourself. 

How Much Does EV Conversion Cost?

The cost of EV conversion varies substantially based on the type of car, quality of the work, and extent of the retrofitting. Some conversion companies advertise prices as low as a few thousand dollars to about $100,000 or more. That said, the cost may be much lower if you attempt to do the work yourself. Parts typically cost around $6,000 (or about $8,000 for a kit0 and batteries must be purchased separately.

What Is the Best Car to Convert to Electric?

The best cars to convert to electric are light and compact with a manual transmission. Likewise, the vehicle—known as the donor car—should have enough space to hold the necessary battery bank. For this reason, popular options include certain vintage Volkswagens and Porsches, and some EV conversion companies only work with these vehicles.


To choose the best EV conversion companies, we reviewed 20 options and compared them based on the range and quality of services, customer reviews, and general pricing information (where possible). We also looked at whether each company offers customer resources like YouTube videos, workshops, and other tools to assist with DIY conversions.