Elate Cosmetics Now Offers 'Perfectly Imperfect' Packaging

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A wood carved cosmetic case.

Courtesy of Elate Cosmetics

The bamboo palettes and compacts have minor flaws that, in a way, make them even more special.

There is nothing quite like gorgeous wood packaging to make an item stand out. This is the case with Elate Cosmetics, which sells its mostly organic, fair-trade makeup in bamboo palettes and compacts in an effort to move away from wasteful plastic packaging. Even the refills come in wildflower seed paper envelopes that can be planted in a garden afterward.

Now – as if Elate's sustainability efforts could get any more impressive – it has launched a line of 'Perfectly Imperfect' packaging, where customers can stock up on slightly flawed versions of the compacts and palettes they love. From a post on Instagram:

"Every year our bamboo palettes help reduce the amount of plastic in our beauty bag and landfills. Occasionally we receive a shipment of bamboo that doesn't pass our visual standards but is perfectly usable. Rather than dispose of these compacts and palettes we're giving you the chance to give them a home."

The palettes, compacts, and zippered beauty bags (made from post-consumer wood pulp and natural latex) can be viewed under the Tools & Kits tab on the main site, with prices reduced by roughly 20-25 percent from the usual. The bamboo shows small flaws and irregularities, and sometimes minor cosmetic damage or missing mirrors, but the point is that they're all still functional and too good to throw away.

Imperfect foundation compact

Courtesy of Elate Cosmetics

It's a refreshing change of attitude from many brands' notorious disposal of unsold and/or less-than-perfect merchandise. Rather than view their flawed containers as a threat to a high production standard, Elate has embraced it as part of doing business – and will likely boost its own reputation by offering them for sale.

If you're wondering about the origin of the bamboo itself, it comes from China, sourced from a green-certified fair-trade manufacture that processes it in water, as opposed to chemicals. You'll also be impressed, too, with what Elate puts into its cosmetics. Ingredients are 90 percent organic and mostly fair trade. Given the choice between the two certifications, Elate opts for fair trade, as it prefers knowing that an item has been ethically sourced.

Check out the Perfectly Imperfect line here.