Eestairs Fit Stairway Into One Square Meter

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No, it isn't another post about phantom supercapacitors from eeStor, it is a very real, very clever spiral stair from eeStair.We love showing ideas for living in less space, particularly when such a simple idea can save so much.

Most spiral stairs pivot around a vertical post, and require an opening twice the width of the tread. The clever Dutch designers of this spiral stair put the center post on a tilt, significantly reducing the size of the opening required. Installing a handrail doesn't look like it would be too much of a problem, either. The manufacturers write:

This stair fits in just one square meter.
We call it: An Artistic solution, for a functional problem.
The secret is that you step at the bottom under the pole, and at the top you step above the same pole.
It is made of mild steel, powder coated in any RAL color.
We have a patent on this model.

More at eestair via StairPorn.