EcoXPower Kit Charges a Smartphone and LED Bicycle Lights With Pedal Power

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©. EcoxGear

© EcoxGear

The EcoXPower kit by EcoXGear uses pedal power to charge your smartphone and an LED lighting system for your bike, keeping you road safe at all hours. Kits for charging your cell phone while riding your bike are not new, but this is the first we know of that also lets you power ultra-bright LED lights too. You may never have to worry about replacing your headlamp again.

The set-up includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a headlamp, red tail lights and a rugged water-resistant and touch-screen compatible smartphone case that mounts on the handlebars. A universal mount clips to the front wheel of your bike and a USB cable runs up the fork to connect to your smartphone. The kit is compatible with iPhones, Android devices, Windows phones and GPS devices.

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As the bike's front wheel spins, the ECOXPOWER's clutch engages between the tire's spokes, fueling a generator that powers the lighting system, the rechargeable battery and your smart phone. The handlebar mount is nice because it lets you easily access GPS directions if you're trying out a new route or your playlist if you're taking a more leisurely ride. An on/off switch on the handlebars lets you control the lights while riding.

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The EcoXPower is being sold for $99.99 on the EcoXGear website.