Ecospace Prefab Garden Studios

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We have shown a lot of small prefabs for home and country recently, but this building form was really developed in England, where people have been building gorgeous and elaborate garden sheds for years. Ecospace builds lovely modern ones, in collaboration with architects Idris-Perrineau Town.


They are available in modular or "bespoke", built from sustainable timber and sit on an adjustable bearing shoe that minimizes site disturbance. We also like the green roof: "A planted green roof system is used which was developed in Germany over 25 years ago. The green roof is ecologically sound and aesthetically reduces visual impact of the studio. It is a low maintenance roof with plants well suited to cope with a full range of conditions. Species include mosses, succulents, herbaceous plants and grasses. The Bauder green roof has a high insulation performance."


Flooring is pvc-free, recyclable Dalsouple rubber. Options include kitchens, bathrooms and radiant flooring.Prices start at 15,850 pounds for a 3.6 metre by 3 metre studio. ecospace