EcoRebates Links You Up With Rebate Deals for Appliances

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If you're on the hunt for a new appliance and want to take part in rebate programs that give you money back when you buy energy efficient appliances, you may want to check out a new resource going by the name of EcoRebates. The company sees that rebate programs are widely underutilized and they want to change that, getting all of us to transition to highly efficient, greener appliances. The new website helps us do that by making it easy to keep an eye on the latest news and rebate-qualifying appliances to hit the market. The site states: "Available rebates can range from $25 to more than $1,000. The website aggregates news and information on energy-efficiency incentives covering a wide range of products, including the Department of Energy's $300 million 'Cash for Appliances' programs. Shoppers can also find links to local retailers where they can purchase products."

All a user needs to do is visit EcoRebates, select their state, and up pops how much money has been allocated to your state for rebates, when the program will end, and a list of the products that qualify.

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"We support economic incentives, especially those that promote energy efficiency, but the existing rebate programs need to be easier to use. Consumers shouldn't have to be detectives to find available rebate information that's relevant to them," said Brett Battles, founder and CEO of

That makes perfect sense. Unless someone is determined to access rebates and go the energy efficient route, it is often easier to just head down to the appliance store, check out what's there, and pick one. It's easier in the short term, but far more damaging in the long term both to pocket books and the environment. Having a resource like EcoRebates at our fingertips to solve this problem is very appealing.