Zuss Design — Rubberwear, but at least its Recycled.

Gothic-rock-punk-fetish-rave. Not words we normally use around here. We know that Graham has a particular design ethic in mind for TreeHugger, and Zuss is not exactly squarely in the middle of this frame. But that said, we thought it worth taking a quick peek, especially while the boss has his back turned, concentrating on his radio interview. Zuss make some very way out clothing and bags from recycled rubber, particularly from the innertubes of cars, motorbikes and bicycles. The Black Fountain bag ($137 USD) we’ve shown here is one of the more streamlined designs they offer. While not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ it sure shows what can be accomplished with discarded materials and a creative eye. ::Zuss DesignFor cleaner lines and a more mainstream look, from one of the very original pioneers of this art cum wearable fashion, please visit Used Rubber USA.