Romney Won't Help Us Work Less Hard. And Barack Won't Either.

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Having thrown my hat, and dollars, into the ring with this upcoming Presidential Election, I was checking on campaign news on twitter when a promoted tweet from Ann Romney caught my eye.

"Mitt Romney is the man," it said, "who will work harder than anyone so we can work a little less hard."

Now what Ann meant by this tweet, I confess, I am not entirely sure. I suspect it was a reference to tax burdens and the idea that a smaller government means we get to keep more of our earnings.

Or something like that.

I'll refrain from diving into the partisan political implications of such a position—Democrats have their own take on why Barack Obama will make life easier for us. And I'll avoid the usual snarky blogger remarks about the Romneys' experiences of work.

What struck me was the simple reminder that nobody—Democrat or Republican—is seriously talking about finding ways for us to actually work less hard.

It's just not on the political agenda of either party.

And yet it should be.

From working less and sharing and playing more to the best vacation response ever, I've written a fair amount about the need to slow down.

Just imagine: Four day weeks; A robust, efficient sharing economy; Communities that look out for each other; Companies that offer flex time and job sharing; People who value time, experience, family and relaxation as much as they do numbers on a spreadsheet; A system that provides time for reflection, prayer, recreation and maybe even a little sleep from time-to-time.

This isn't some radical lefty vision. It's not necessarily anti-capitalist either. It's simply a suggestion that the economy should be a tool we use to ensure our well-being, not an end in and of itself. As such, we should shape it so it serves that purpose.

As I say, I suspect Ann's vision of us all "working a little less hard" is not the same as mine. I suspect that Barack's isn't either.

But I sure wish it was.

Romney Won't Help Us Work Less Hard. And Barack Won't Either.
An odd tweet from Ann Romney about working less has this blogger wishing that politics was just a little different.

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