What Would a Sane Economic System Actually Look Like?

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Yesterday I posted on George Monbiot's lament that international banking bail outs are agreed in days, while a planetary fix has been decades in the making (and is still nowhere in sight). And I also noted that some pundits predict an increasingly vocal critique of capitalism as we know it from corporations themselves. So as the pressure to fundamentally rethink our monetary economy and how it works grows, it's good to note that Caroline Lucas—Britain's first Green member of the European Parliament—is also adding her voice to redesign our economy as if people and planet mattered:

Occupy Wall St protesters at St. Paul's are exploring alternatives to this failed system of financial liberalisation. Even the Bank of England, in papers published this week, is considering a transformation away from deregulation towards a rules-based system, that constrains capital mobility and secures stability and "internal balance" for countries like Britain.

Our politicians should be debating these profoundly important issues. They should be leading us out of this global financial morass, towards a more just, stable and sustainable future. But they are not.

What Would a Sane Economic System Actually Look Like?
As the chorus of voices calling for a fundamental rethink of our economy gets ever, Caroline Lucas asks why her fellow politicians aren't leading the debate?

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