Voluntary Carbon Market Grew To Record High Volume in 2010

landfill photo

After REDD project, methane recapture and landfills amounted to the greatest percentage of voluntary carbon offset projects. Photo: D'Arcy Norman/Creative Commons

While the green community's view of carbon offsets, either personal or corporate, sometimes seems to have taken a roller coaster ride of enthusiasm to skepticism to cynicism and outright hostility and now onto slight yawns over the past couple of years, a new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance shows that in fact the voluntary carbon offset market hit its highest volume ever in 2010: 131 MtCO2e, valued at $424 million.For the lighter green TreeHugger reader that's probably end of story for the moment, but for the wonkier out there, here are some interesting charts showing what sorts of projects are benefiting from the voluntary carbon market and where they are located.

carbon offset types image

carbon offset project location image

Download the report: Back to the Future: State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2011 [PDF]

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