This Weekend in NY: Dan Deacon at Citysol, Bucky at Whitney, Figment and the Waterfalls


If you needed another reason to hit up Citysol, New York's free sustainability-themed art and music event, here it is: Dan Deacon, the inimitable surrealist trash-synth community-building music man is playing tonight. He punctuates a weekend of concerts, comedians, green art installations and panel discussions.

For instance, at 6 tonight, there's a discussion on sustainable design with the chief of design for NYC parks; tomorrow, two discussions will will turn toward solar and the meeting of grassroots advocacy and interactive design. Sitting on that panel will be artist Eve Mosher, whose work Insert _Here, along with other artists' eco-minded art, will be appearing at the event all weekend. Mosher's work asks participants to use small yellow signs to identify sites in need of a bit of greening ("insert solar here," "insert a garden here," etc), and upload photos of the place to the web. From there, Mosher or another artist renders the photo in order to show how the site might look if re-mediated. The idea is to capitalize "on community awareness of place/environment and optimism in the face of climate challenges."

Also lighting your compact-florescent fire this weekend in NYC: Figment, a multidisciplinary Burning Man-ish party at Governor's Island, the Buckminster Fuller retrospective at the Whitney Museum, and Olafur Eliasson's awesome Waterfalls.

Citysol: Stuyvesant Cove Park, near the East River and 23rd Street. Map and directions here. via Papermag

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