TH Almost: SternForm's Minimalist 3x5 Shelving System


This amazingly minimalist design idea caught our eye on Moco Loco this week. The German designers Sternform have reduced shelving to its simplest form with their 3x5 system specifically for storing files. Using only simple boards between layers of files means the files themselves hold up the shelves. This is smart thinking since you only usually need one or two files at a time so why not use those remaining as the integral structure. We like Sternform’s simple design solution which is infinitely expandable and adaptable with a very economic usage of material. It’s only a shame they chose to use MDF, which isn’t very attractive or eco-friendly. We reckon you could make some very smart shelving boards from some beautiful FSC certified wood to smarten up your files. via Moco Loco ::Sternform