SUV-Driving Congressmen Blame Obama for High Cost of Filling Up at the Pump

Republican congressmen are outraged—outraged!—that they are paying so much money for gas, and that Obama won't immediately turn the nation into a self-serving petro-state to bring costs down.

To demonstrate their anger at the president's unwillingness to wave his magic scepter over the oil futures market to instantly lower gas prices, Republicans are aiming a variety of publicity stunts and angry screeds at the administration.

First up was Alan West, who attempted to rally the sympathies and the social media participation of his supporters on his Facebook page, writing "Here is the bottom line, last night it took 70 dollars to fill the tank of my 2008 H3 Hummer, what is it costing you?" Indeed, dear, fellow suffering American voter; how much does it cost you to fill up your 2008 H3 Hummer with tinted windows and a leather interior?

Next there was Illinois GOP Rep. Bobby Schilling, who, according to Politico, "invited reporters to watch him fork over a C-note to fill up his Chevy Suburban at a Phillips 66 U-Save Mart in Moline." $100 is a lot of money. How shocking that not even $100 was sufficient for Mr. Shilling's behemoth of a car, which contains a gas tank the size of a small swimming pool.

Rep. Judy Biggert used her weekly newsletter to complain about a stop at the pump that cost her $58. And Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle lectured Energy Secretary Stephen Chu on how the American people feel and demanded that he and Obama do something about it right now.

But here is an idea for you, angry congresspeople: Select fuel efficient vehicles for your transportation needs. Then you would pay less at the pump, and you wouldn't be so mad about spending so much money to drive around Washington DC!

A word to Mr. Shilling and Mr. West: You are elected representatives of the federal government. You are not hauling lumber or moving farming equipment. You are driving to committee meetings and to dinners with lobbyists. A more modest vehicle could bring you big, big savings on gas. Now, there's no need to be showy; a Honda Civic, or, if you prefer to tap into the symbolism of buying American, a Ford Focus or such would do fine. You'd triple your fuel efficiency without even having to admit to anyone that you cared about decidedly un-conservative things like conserving fuel.

Or how about this for a publicity stunt: call reporters to watch you buy a public bus pass. Then you'd really save money. Or, instead of hectoring the president from your wheeled fortresses about an economic trend over which he has no control, perhaps it is best to start identifying things that egregiously waste this increasingly expensive fuel. Just a thought.

SUV-Driving Congressmen Blame Obama for High Cost of Filling Up at the Pump
If only there was some surefire way they could reduce the amount they spend on gas!

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