Sharing Saves You Money. But Who Cares?

Uniiverse screen shot imageUniiverse/Screen capture

From Air BnB through renting your dog to sharing your car, there's lots of talk these days of the "sharing economy", collaborative consumption and how spreading our resources with our peers can save and even make us money.

But there's a danger we might be missing the point. After all, we've always been told that "sharing is caring", so isn't there more to all this sharing stuff than just filthy lucre?

The video below—admittedly created as a promotional piece for Uniiverse, which describes itself as "the only site that enables people to share any asset in one platform, including items, skills, time, space, transportation, and interests"—makes the case for the less tangible, but just as important, aspects of learning how to share.

It's a good reminder to us all.

Sharing Saves You Money. But Who Cares?
With all the talk of the "sharing economy", are we in danger of losing sight of the bigger picture? Sharing is caring after all.

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