Is "Sharespray" the New Way to Do Everything?

From Berlin's high-tech car share schemes to fancy new "collaborative consumption" start ups, we've seen lots of innovative ways that people are building business models around sharing and resource efficiency.

But it doesn't always have to be that complicated.

I've learned from my own experiences that you can set up a tool share scheme in minutes—although I've also learned that maintaining momentum and a sense of community around such schemes is often an ongoing challenge.

A new video from the Center for a New American Dream—the same folks who brought us a fabulous exploration of the Plenitude Economy—takes a lighthearted look at the potential for sharing (and pokes a little fun at the need to reinvent it).

Revealing "Sharespray" as a potential solution to problems ranging from environmental degradation to economic hardship, our protagonist slowly discovers that we don't always need fancy new ways to empower sharing—we just need to get out there and do it.

Of course a slightly deeper look at this video can reveal another narrative about sharing—the "Sharepray" acts as a disruptive force in an economy used to off-the-shelf solutions, providing an immediate impetus to start sharing, but also acting as a gateway drug into a broader shift in mindset.

But perhaps I'm over thinking it. Maybe it's just a cool video about doing what your mother always told you: share more and be kind.

Is "Sharespray" the New Way to Do Everything?
Could "sharespray" transform our entire future? A light hearted take on the new sharing economy.

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