Recycle the Credit Card Offers Clogging Your Mailbox to Keep Wall Street Occupied

This is great: It's an activist recycling project that literally anyone who's received wasteful credit card offers from major banks (so anyone with a mailing address, really) can participate in. The aim is simple: Keep Wall Street, and the nation's biggest, most irresponsible banks, occupied by returning their offers -- which include pre-paid return shipping -- with a slew of different messages advocating for economic justice.

This gentlemen explains (via Grist):

If enough people take a second to participate, this could irk the mailroom staff at JP Morgan et al enough to spur the sort of conversation discussed above. Or better yet, it could provide the media -- ever hungry for the next 'Occupy Wall Street' angle -- with fodder for a new narrative.

I'd be remiss not to note that while this art project is a good idea, the most powerful signal you can send to the banks would be closing your account. If you have an account with one of the major banks, perhaps it's time to move over to a credit union or local bank -- or at least an entity that wasn't responsible for the hurling the nation into a foreclosure crisis, doesn't fund mountaintop removal mining, or otherwise invest your money in any number of ethically dubious activities.

And do get out and check out your local Occupy events and show your support -- the protests continue to grow more diverse and more powerful. And, as I'm growing fond of saying, the greenest thing you can do is help fight the corporate influence on our politics.

Recycle the Credit Card Offers Clogging Your Mailbox to Keep Wall Street Occupied
Looking for something useful to do with all of those wasteful credit card offers the banks keep mailing you? With only minimal effort, you can use them to keep Wall Street occupied.

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