Open Letter to the Bouroullec Bros.


Dear Bouroullec Bros:

We love you and your hyper-cool* designs, especially the Joyn table, Twig wall system, and Algue branch screen for Vitra. The Cloud Modules bookcase you designed for Issey Miyake and Cappellini? Absolutely divine.

Your ideas of micro-architecture—modularity, fluidity, and endlessly alterable pieces of a whole—are supremely TreeHugger. We just have one request...Could you possibly use more earth-friendly materials?

We would worship at your altar if only you'd consider the following, for example:

1) The Joyn table, with its infinite workstation configurations, makes us want to work overtime. Instead of plastic-laminate, why not specify sustainably-forested wood?

2) The Twig wall system will surely go down in history as the Cluny tapestries of the 21st century. Why not ensure environmental longevity as well by using a biopolymer instead of polypropelene?

3) Ditto for Algue and Cloud Modules.

We look forward to the day when we no longer have cause to file you under our "Almosts" category.

Until then, we remain yours,

*French for "super-cool". ::Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec Design


Algue wall screen system for Vitra

Twig Wall.jpg

Twig wall system for Vitra

Joyn table.jpg

Joyn Table for Vitra.

Cloud Modules.jpg

Cloud Modules bookcase for Cappellini

Open Letter to the Bouroullec Bros.
Dear Bouroullec Bros: