One In Five Canadians Crossing the Border To Get Into the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Madness

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Ninety years ago, all the cross-border traffic was Americans coming to Canada to get drunk legally. It was party time north of the border, where there never was full Prohibition. Now, it's Canadians going south in search of Black Friday bargains- in huge numbers. Marina Strauss writes in the Globe and Mail:

According to a new poll by Angus Reid for UPS Canada, Canadian retailers can expect to lose one of every five shoppers to U.S. Black Friday-Cyber Monday discounts. Thirty per cent will be shopping for the holidays.

Now I was just in downtown Toronto and it sure didn't look like 20% of the population was gone, but it is still a huge number. 90% of the entire Canadian population lives within 100 miles of the US border (it's warmer there), but that is still a lot of driving, and a lot of idling while they wait to cross the border. I wonder, if you factor in the gas, the food and other miscellaneous expenses, how much one really saves.

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