No Money? Time Trading Offers an Accessible Alternative

The Plenitude Economy has many faces, and the Center for a New American Dream has been developing and documenting many of them. From how to host a clothing swap to chronicling how a tool library got started, the emphasis is always on finding ways to unlock the vast resources inside each and every one of us and to stimulate the real economy, not just numbers on a balance sheet.

One of the ways to do this is time trading - a system of community barter where members exchange services based on a like-for-like exchange of their time. The Boston Time Trade Circle is one such organization, which has grown from a mere 25 members to well over 800 offering services ranging from Spanish lessons through papier-mâché making to decluttering or digging holes in the ground. And, as usual when neighbors actually start talking to each other, the results appear to stretch way beyond the specific trade and into the realm of community building.

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