New Initiative Aims to Build Truly Local, Resilient Economies

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It seems like every other month, what has begun to feel like a tentative economic recovery once again starts feeling a whole lot less secure. Each time that happens, more and more of us realize that stability, resilience and quality of life should be our prime goals—not growth for the sake of growth. (In fact, more and more of us are wondering whether growth is even possible on an ongoing basis.)

That was the thinking behind my argument for why resilient business is more important than green business, and it's the kind of thinking that leads to once abandoned communities reinventing themselves as hubs of a new local economy.

Now there's a new resource emerging as a spin off of the hugely successful Transition Movement. The REconomy Project aims to help local communities create a vision and a plan for truly localized, resilient economies—and to then work with both existing companies and organizations to ready them for a more sustainable economy, and secondly to start new social enterprises specifically designed for the new paradigm.

The REconomy Project website features how to guides on everything from setting up community loan funds to renewable energy services enterprises, as well as case studies on those who are already out there doing it and videos on all aspects of local, sustainable economics.

Maybe next time the global economy takes a turn for the worse, we can all be ready for it.

New Initiative Aims to Build Truly Local, Resilient Economies
The Transition Movement has brought communities around the world together to work toward resilience and sustainability. Now a spin-off project is setting its sights on the economy.

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