Naomi Klein on Occupy Wall Street & Rebuilding a Greener Economy (Video)

Yesterday, an estimated 12,000 people from across Canada and the U.S. took to the White House to call on the president to halt the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Among the eminent writers, environmentalists, politicians, and celebrities who spoke at the rally was Canadian author and political activist Naomi Klein. In her speech, she had some harsh words for those who still try to pit the labor movement and environmentalists against one another -- and argued that the real promise for job creation lies in restructuring our economy in a more sustainable manner.

I caught up with the author of No Logo and The Shock Doctrine during the action, and she discussed why we need to rebuild the economy in a greener, less growth-hungry mold -- and how the Occupy Wall Street movement is already helping us do that:

And here, Klein explains why she personally decided to come down and join the tar sands action in Washington D.C.:

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