Annie Leonard (The Story of Stuff/The Story of Broke) Live Chat (Video)

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With over 15 million views and counting, The Story of Stuff is one of those internet videos that has become ingrained in our online cultural folklore. Taking on over-consumption and the negative environmental consequences it creates, it was a huge global success and turned its creator—Annie Leonard—into somewhat of a spokesperson for a different way of doing things. Now Annie is taking aim at Wall Street and the corrupt, fossil-fuel driven economy that is, she argues, holding us back from a saner approach to economics.

Update: Now launched, you can view the full Story of Broke video and my related ramblings here.

Join us for a live chat at 3pm est, 12 pst on Thursday, 10th of November as we explore the connections between the financial crises and the environmental and social challenges we face as a nation. Simply bookmark this page and you'll see the video chat happening in the embedded screen above. You'll be able to add your questions and comments for Annie in the text portion of the window too.

Released on the 8th of November, The Story of Broke could not have come at a more opportune time (see the teaser video below). Connecting the dots between bail outs and subsidies for the too-big-to-fail elites of business as usual, and the lack of real support or vision for the emerging fields of clean tech, sustainability, collaborative consumption, Leonard asks why there is always enough money for "the dinosaur economy", but when it comes to building something better, we're apparently broke.

From the Plenitude Economy to the growth in solar jobs, the new economy is emerging—and it is increasingly at odds with business-as-usual. Annie Leonard seems to have decided which side she's on—so we'll be talking to her about ways that we can all join the fight.

Again, vthe full Story of Broke video is posted here.

Annie Leonard (The Story of Stuff/The Story of Broke) Live Chat (Video)
The Story of Stuff took on over consumption. Join a live chat with its creator as her latest work takes aim at Wall Street and the financial system.

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