Is Camouflage the New Green?


The UK's Times newspaper ran a weekend story on the British Department of Defence (DoD) and their contractors trying to do their bit in going green, beyond painting tanks a particular hue. They covered much of the same ground that we've touched on before. For instance, amongst many, we've noted military eco-oddities such as hybrid vehicles and folding bicycles; diesel motorbikes; solar arrays and wind turbines and that clincher lead-free bullets (aka eco-ammo). But the Times article brings us news also of quieter warheads to reduce noise pollution and reduced-smoke grenades, compostable explosives, biodegradable plastic missiles, reduced emission marine-friendly rockets and low VOC weaponry! Understandably the group, Campaign Against Arms Trade, is a tad skeptical "... they make weapons to kill people and it's utterly ridiculous to suggest they are environmentally friendly." But a spokeswoman for BAE, one of DOD's suppliers suggests, "Weapons are going to be used and when they are, we try to make them as safe for the user as possible, to limit the collateral damage and to impact as little as possible on the environment." ::The Times.