In My Prius video by Casual Mafia - LMAO!!


Photo from Casual Mafia

Green isn't always serious business. The newest video out by Casual Mafia called In My Prius makes fun of the Prius which is, well, really funny! With the looming GM bankruptcy, a few laughs, were cars are involved, is welcomed! "There's nothing funnier than rapping about a Prius" says Josh Macuga self-labeled International Playboy and co-owner of Casual Mafia, an entertainment production company based in Los Angeles, CA. He and Paulie Fiore, the second half of the company's ownership, see the car as a generational ideal and one that fits into their demographic.

Video by Casual Mafia

The video has already got 25,000 views in 4 days and everyone that watches it seems to LOVE it. I, personally, think it's hilarious. The video is inspired by the two guys' experience of living in LA where, Fiore says, every other car is a hybrid.

Fiore is more of the "godfather" of the group pulling the strings from backstage while Macuga is the front man. Macuga says the rap is an engaging way to address how the Toyota has become something of a cultural icon.

Casual Mafia is no stranger to infamous videos. Their first video, Douchebag Anthem, was also a big hit finding its way to blogs in Spanish, Arabic and Russian.

Macuga says when they have a good idea he either wants to turn it into a hard-core rap or an 80's Hair Metal tune. With results like In My Prius play on playa -

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