Fur Farms and Banana Rice Pudding

Researching on one of our primary technical sources, Ebay, we discovered evidence of a long abandoned effort at genetic engineering. Apparently some frankenfarmer long ago came up with way to grow fur in rows...like plants. Kidding. But, no joke, researchers have actually found a way to insert rice genes into bananas to fend off a plant disease, eliminating the need for a nasty fungicide. 'Without genetic modification, the main food source of many tropical countries is likely to die off, impacting the diet of hundreds of millions more poor people from Brazil to Indonesia.' "...all bananas come from mutant plants discovered some 8,000 years ago, probably in Papua New Guinea. They have been grafted, or cloned, ever since, and developed into dozens of varieties, colors, and sizes."

"Led by Rony Swennen, a team discovered that inserting a gene from rice provides significant protection for the banana with apparently no danger to either humans or the environment. Because the banana is sterile, it can't get loose in the environment, nor is there a seed allowing Monsanto or other corporations to sell it." For his trouble in writing about this, blogger David Ewing Duncan has taken personal criticism. See for yourself. Via:: Techology Review, David Ewing Duncan's Blog Image credit:: Ebay, sign for sale, anon.

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